We Specialize In:

  • Textured Paint
  • Decorative Paint
  • Gloss Paint 
  • Industrials Paint
  • Sealer, Undercoat & Primer
  • Road Marking Paint

A Colourful History


For the past 38 Years, SANCora Paint (previously Sanland Paint Industries) has quietly revolutionised the paint industry with innovative products and solutions. Formed in 1974, the company that would one day become a leading innovator of paint products and solutions was drawn from the minds of four visionary individuals; two mudguard foreman, a cloth merchant and a businessman.


Mssrs. Wong Chak Lam, Wong Chak Seg, Wong Chah Hong and Liew Yoon Chin were the forebears of SANCora's success, and established the company's heritage for uncovering innovative product by first introducing the breakthrough A1 Putty, a truly multi-purpose sealant that could stop leakages in everything fromm roofs and walls to cars, pipes and gutters.


In the mid 70s, we introduced the country's first economical paint product. Called Sunlux, this solvent-based gloss paint for metal and wood would sustain SANCora well into the early 80s. It was later succeeded by the breakthrough emulsion paint, Silverlite, a price-conscious paint that revolutionised the Malaysia market.


The success of Silverlite allowed us to become the Original Equipment Manufacturer for seven other brands, and over the few years, would support us in adding four more brands, namely Econking, Keris, Superking and Day & Night, to our portfolio.


With the 90s also came a changing of the guard, with the four founding fathers of the company passing on the mantle to new (and current) leaders Wong Chee Leong and Wong Chee Keen. A series of expansion and growth activities heralded SANCora's entry into the forefront of the industry; this was further solidified with the achievement of the ISO 9001 certification on the eve of the new millennium.


The year 2000 was a rebirth of sorts for the company, with Sanland Paint Industries finally transformed into the thriving brand it is today; SANCora Paint. 


The few years following this revival were filled with countless achievements, from SIRIM certification to regional accolades including three Golden Bull Awards, an Enterprise 50 & Keris award, recognition as Superbrand, as well as two Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Excellent Awards.


2003 - Golden Bull Award
2004 - Golden Bull Award
          Enterprise 50 Award
          Keris Award
2005 - Superbrand Award
2007 - Golden Bull Award
          Asia Pacific Enterpreneur Excellence Brand Award

Product Certificate

  • MS Standard Certificate (SIRIM) - Latex Emulsion Paint for exterior & interior use (SANCora Weather@Guard & Roof@Guard)
  • MS Standard Certificate (SIRIM) - Gloss Enamal Paint (SANCora Gloss@Guard)
  • MS Standard Certificate (SIRIM) - Road Marking Paint (SANCora Traffic@Guard)


  • ISO 9001: 2008 certification from DSM in Malaysia, UKAS in the UK
  • Certification of Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia - (Akaun Pendaftaran Kontraktor)
  • Certification of Federation of Malaysia Manufacturers